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9 years ago

How do I prevent Collaborator from sending emails on closed reviews?

I have 3 different users that have started complaining about getting emails for reviews that are in the closed state.  This problem just started this week.  We are on Collaborator version 9.2.9200 (and unable to upgrade due to a problem with the upgrade process not migrating some of our reviews properly).

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    Hello Chris,


    We don't have any known issue that can cause such behavior. But, we received several requests from the users regarding the same issue. In their cases, the participants didn't understand why Collaborator sent a notification. For example, Collaborator can send a notification for stalled reviews or completed reviews in which the author needs to commit the changes and dismiss the review. If the review requires some action, Collaborator notifies the participants according to the period of time from the "Automatic periodic notification" option. It is customizable, so you can configure this option on the "Email" page.


    Also, we have help articles with notification templates description and reasons why you were notified: - Notification template's description. - This help article describes when Collaborator sends or doesn't send notification.


    You can open the received message, using its description, try to find the notification template that was used to send this notification, and check remarks for it. It can help understand why you were notified.


    In addition, we have received the same request from you in our system. To help us investigate the issue, please provide us with the requested log files and the information in the submitted support ticket. We will be happy to help you solve the issue.