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9 years ago

How can I place my Collaborator 9 user configuration under version control?

I need to control my Collaborator 9 configuration for review templates, checklist templates, etc.  My preference is to version control the configuraiton files(?) if this is possible/practical.


This approach is practical with other development automation tools like Jenkins, where all the user configuration is stored in a single directory tree (using specific file naming conventions) and can easily be monitored for changes and verison controlled with minimal effort.  I am hoping this is possible for the Collaborator 9 configuration.  We are using Collaborator 9 specifically to produce auditable review evidence.  Since Collaborator itself is implementing part of our controlled review flow, Collaborator configuration needs to be under some kind of control.




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  • Hi Cory,

      Unfortunately, Collaborator's settings are stored in the database directly. You can export them by taking a configuration only dump from the system status page in the admin section. That will yield a zip file that contains the database records for the configuration. You can use that to create new servers with the same configuration, but you can't currently import that into an existing server. So, yes you can take backups, but you can only restore those backups to a brand new or empty server.