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7 years ago

Gitlab Integration - Updates to Existing Reviews

I have gitlab and collaborator integrated.  However I have an issue where uploading a second round of changes to gitlab do not show up in the linked collaborator review.  Looking for some guidance in this area on why this might be happening?



  1. Push changes to gitlab
  2. Click on the link from gitlab to collaborator
  3. Create the collaborator review
  4. Get comments from reviewers in collaborator
  5. Adjust code/make changes.
  6. Push updates/changes to gitlab to the same pull request
  7. See the updated changes and 2nd commit in gitlab
  8. Collaborator is not update with the 2nd commit



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    Was there ever an answer to this issue? I'm experiencing the same problem.

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      We're also fighting with that annoying behaviour, making the GitHub completely useless for us.

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    I've just checked how the latest version of Collaborator Server (ver. 11.3.11301) works for me. It doesn't update the existing review but creates a new one. Does it work for you in the same manner? Do you mean that Collaborator is supposed to update the existing review?

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      Hi Alexey,


      Yes, you right, we want Collaborator to update an already existing review.


      In the meanwhile we got it running playing around with two configuration options:


      - Branches to track

      - Ignore pushes for branches


      Setting both of them to 'master' resulted in our requested behaviour, but, to be honest, the help texts for both of these options are not really very helpful.


      P.S.: We're using the GitHub integration and not the GitLab one.

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        As for GitHub, it works accordingly for me. I suppose that the options should be better described indeed, so I submitted an appropriate ticket: COLLAB-4526.