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8 years ago

Git submodule causing review to be immediately deleted

I'm running the trial and integrating with Gitlab. The problem is that we use git submodules in our projects and Gitlab (or maybe git itself?) is choking on submodules when accessed through the API (which is what Collaborator is doing under the covers). Are others dealing with submodules? If so, how? 


If this doesn't get solved, the product is useless to use since my whole company uses submodules.

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    Here's a quote from the documentation that should explain the current situation:


    Currently Collaborator ignores and submodule changes when adding changelists or diffs from the super project. To add the submodule differences you must navigate into the submodule itself and add the files from there.


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      I'm not trying to review files from submodules, I'm just trying to create a review of a repo where submodules are part of the diff.