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10 years ago

Fine tuning email notifications

I am receiving emails from Collaborator so there is no problem with that, it is just the frequency and types of emails I want to fine tune.  I have seen the "Suppress Notification" checkbox under "Notification Templates" of the admin section, but either I have not found the ones needed, or things are not updating properly.  Do these require a server restart to take affect?


Emails that work and are helpful

  • I get an email when someone creates a review and I am marked as a Reviewer or Observer. 
  • I get emails when new files are uploaded to a review where I am marked as a Reviewer or Observer.
  • I get emails as an Author when a review is completed and I can submit my files.


Emails I get but don't want

  • I do not want an email telling me that I am the author of a new review.  I know that, it is unnecessary.
  • The reminders on stalled reviews are helpful to remind me to complete them, however I wish there was a way to disable on off-business hours and/or the weekend.  We have it set to every two hours which is great reminder during the day, but if you were set as a reviewer on a Friday and don't finish it, you come in on Monday morning to dozens of email reminders.  Similarly, one reminder first thing in the morning would be fine, but several during the night is not.  We are all in the same time zone and have similar working hours.
  • I do not need an email to tell me a review is complete where I am the sole reviewer.  I took the action of completing it, I don't need an email for that.  It can be helpful to know when there are two or more reviewers, although the author is probably more interested in that.

Emails I want but don't currently get

  • If I am a reviewer and I have made a bunch of comments, I want to know right away when the author either replies to one of my comments, accepts it, or makes additional comments of their own.
  • If I am a reviewer and a review I have marked complete gets reopened due to someone else making a comment, approving a comment, or taking any other action, I want an email.  Otherwise it takes two hours to get the stalled review email.  That is inefficient.


Can you help by telling me how to configure collaborator to get emails in this manner?  Thank you for your help.