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13 years ago

Error when sending notifications: Error: Some emails could not be delivered.

I'm running CodeReviewer v6.5.6503 on Linux (Ubuntu 11.04), and when I attempt to send any notifications, including from the "Email All Users" section, I get the following error displayed at the top of the admin screen.

Error: Some emails could not be delivered. 

The following addresses are invalid: 

Administrator <>

User 1 <>

User 2 <>

User 3 <>

This is the full list of users in my system, and when I look in tomcat/logs/collab.log, I see the same error message any time an individual notification is sent out.

The server is set up as an internet mail host using postfix, and I can verify that it sends mail correctly both from a mail client and from the "test email address" form.

My users have their emails set up as their usernames, which is the only interesting thing about our config (we use git for source control).

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    Turns out it was an error with the configuration of postfix.  I had the domain I was using marked for local delivery.