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5 months ago

Downloading documents 'with pins in them'

HI everyone!

A user recently asked if they could download a copy of the document under review 'with the pins in it', basically showing the pins in-line as kind of a visual report of what we see in the diff viewer.    I didn't think we could, and both playing with the tool and loking at documentation, this is not a feature (anyone want to disagree?)

But, I'm curious if other folks might find such a feature useful before I go and add it as a feature request.   I can see it being hard to implement but can also be kind of cool   Would you find something like that useful?

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    Hi johnmcase 

    Great value addition idea,

    Having the ability to download a document with pins in it would provide a visual representation of the changes or comments, making it easier to share and review the document outside of the Collaborator platform.

    Warm Regards

  • Yes, this feature can be useful for users, especially for those who often work with reviews and comments in documents. It will allow you to better understand the context and location of comments, which will make it easier to interact with documents and increase work efficiency. Therefore, adding this feature as a feature request seems like a smart move.

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    this does exist in a round about way.  If the review is closed, you can archive the single review and the generated zip file includes a pdf with the pins.