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13 years ago

Directly opening a file via [Download] during a review

I am having a difficult time trying to find out how to "customize" the [Download] button at the top of the screen that shows the code being reviewed beside the code being compared to (a previous version). I tend to like to see the code in an editor like NotePad++ on a full screen instead of in the narrow panes that CodeCollaborator provides. I use the [Download] button a lot. Normally it lets me immediately open the file into NotePad++, because I have my system setup so that when I "open" a code file (.sj, .scpp, ...) it opens into Notepad++.

I am having a problem doing that with ".bat" files. When I click [Download] when reviewing a ".bat" file then CodeCollaborator gives me the option to "Run|Save" instead of "Open|Save". I did try to "temporarily" switch the system to associate Notepad++ with ".bat" files, just like I did with other code files. It does not seem work. Not only that but it is very difficult to switch the system back to "normal" behavior (disassociate Notepad++ from ".bat" files so that double-click is meant to run them...I have to go into the registry to undo this. It's a Win7 machine).

It seems to me that this might be a common issue. Code files may be setup to open into the programmer's favorite tool normally (e.g. Visual Studios or such) but when using [Download] in CodeCollaborator most of us don't want to "Run" the file or have to download it somewhere, then go to that place and finally get to open it in whatever editor/viewer we use when reviewing code. With bat files I want to be able to double-click on them and have them run, but when I [Download] from a review, I want to edit them (not run them).

Is there a way to configure CodeCollaborator itself so that it will open the reviewed file in Notepad++ (or whatever program I want) rather than using the system association for the file type (or whatever it is doing right now by default)?

If yes, then would you please provide the instructions as to how to do it.

If no, then might this be a useful enhancement to consider for the future?


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