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14 years ago

Deploying Code Collaborator Server to a URL other than the base

Disclaimer: Code Collaborator Server 6 is intended to be deployed as a stand-alone application with its own dedicated sub-domain.  Deploying in any other configuration, including the configuration described below, is unsupported. 

The following steps move Code Collaborator from the root of a dedicated subdomain (ie. http://your.ccollab.domain/) to a top-level URI located within that domain (http://your.ccollab.domain/your-desired-application-name/.)

If you haven't already, install, configure, and initialize the database of code collaborator server. 

Within the ccollab_server directory:

1. Copy or link tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml to tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/context.xml.default.

2. Rename tomcat/webapps/ROOT/ to tomcat/webapps/your-desired-application-name/.

3. Restart ccollab_server.

Your Code Collaborator server should be accessible at http://your.ccollab.domain/your-desired-application-name/ instead of http://your.ccollab.domain/.  Due to assumptions made in the upgrade process, you should follow these instructions again immediately after any upgrades to Code Collaborator Server.

Note: Verified with Code Collaborator server v.6.1.6102 - linux.

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    The above assumed that Code Collaborator Server was initially in a 'stopped' state.  Please execute 'ccollab_server stop' before following the above instructions - otherwise, there is a chance that tomcat will attempt to redeploy the application before you've completed your changes.