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10 years ago

Collaborator IBM RTC & Subversion

We've intergrated RTC and Collab - adding the hooks to various work items in RTC to kick off Collaborator reviews. This works fine with the Collab record getting the changeset info from the RTC work item record.

We have a new project onboarding but they want to continue to use Subversion for their scm tool.  In their Eclipse work bench they'are added the RTC and Subversion plugins.

The Subversion revisions are linked to the RTC work item.    

When trying to create the Collab review record (by state transistion of the RTC work item to a "in review" state) the Collab record dos not get created as it fails to get the change set info. There are also some authenticiation issues (RTC to Subversion) that required manually specing the userid/password.

Can Collaborator grab the Subverisons info via the RTC work item link ?  

Note that we have multiple project areas in RTC and most are using RTC for SCM.

Is there a work around to this issue via cmd line functions that can achive this?
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