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12 years ago

Collaborator 8 + Git. Adding commits?

I'm using Collaborator 8 GUI + Git.  When creating a review I want to add my commits to be reviewed.  It takes me to a screen where I have to enter each commit ID to include in the review.  I've done 100's of commits during the development cycle.  Is there a more automated way than entering each and every one manually?  I'd think it could list all the commits and allow choosing which (or all) to include in the review.

Is adding each one individually the only way to do this?

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    There are a few options...

    Probably the best way right now is to use "Add Git Diffs..." instead of "Add Commits...".  This will allow you to specify an arbitrary Git diffspec and add all the changes in there as one changelist.  However it's not quite as nice as adding each commit as a separate changelist because you can't see the commit comments.

    Another option is to list multple Git commits at once.  Simply enter multiple commit hashes in to the box, separated by commas.  You might want to automate this using our command-line tool - "Add Commits..." in the GUI is equivalent to our command-line "ccollab addchangelist" command.  Note on the command-line you separate commit hashes with a space, not with commas.

    Unfortunately none of those options is ideal.  I would like to see us add a feature that let you specify a range of commits using the standard Git syntax and then we automatically add each commit in the range as we do when you use "Add Commits..." in the GUI.  If that sounds good to you please vote for it on our feedback forum here:



  • Thanks for the response Roy.

    If I choose "Add Dit Diffs..." I believe the problem it'll give me is that it'll include other people's changes along with mine.  There isn't a way to differentiate between theirs and mine, is there?

    Its good to hear that I can enter multiple commit hases in the text box.  That should be quite helpful.