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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Update lastreview value


I'm trying to control which review will be updated with command line.

As i see, there is global lastreview value in config file and there is also an option to set specific review id to update.

What i'm trynig to get is a list of open reviews for the user with an option to select which review to update before uploading the files.

The closest thing i see is this command: "ccollab admin review edit ask" as it seems to change the last review value in the config file. Then the user can upload to the last review.

The probelms i see with this method:

1. From some reason the selection from the lists should be done twice. Only in the 2nd attempt the value is actually updated.

2. Selection of wrong review id still updates the last review value.

I'm using version 8.3

Can you please recommend how to resolve this?



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  • Hi Golan, 

    Being asked twice to enter the review ID, this is a bug and we are working on a fix. You can subscribe here : for release notifications.

    Also there's no easy way to get a list of all reviews for a participlar user but the following information might help.

    * To get all "currently in progress reviews for one particular user" is to use "wget" command line. That will need some scripting from you to get it to work. 

    Usage: ccollab [global-options] admin wget <relative-url>

    wget - Get the contents of a URL on the server (Find more info here:

    1- Log in in Collaborator, go to "reports\Reviews Currently In Progress"

    2- Un-select all columns except ID.

    3- In Particpant, select the username then click "run"

    4- copy the URL, it should look like:


    5- Then you can run the following command 

    ccollab admin wget "PUT THE PREVIOUS URL HERE" >outputfile.txt

    Once you have that list in the file, you can parse the file to get only review IDs. 

    Another way is to query the database directly. You can follow the previous steps in the web UI then select "SQL" in the results section in the report to retrieve the SQL statement.. 

    Thank you,