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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Unable to create review after upgrading to Collaborator 8.2.8201


just wanted to know if anyone else has had this come up.

We've upgraded our server to 8.2.8201, which is fine.

Upgrading our clients however, we get an error when trying to add to/create a review using SVN files.

Adding from a file/local path works fine though.

Has something changed re SVN support/config here?

I noticed they added support for SVN 1.8, but we are still on 1.7.x. Is this not backwards compatible, or is there an additional setting which should be made?

oh, the error is:

Could not finish Review Job: Error while parsing XML

 Have checked the log entry it's trying to commit to the review but that looks fine & is valid.

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    I doo Have Same Issue, plz let me know if u get any solution for this
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    We're also facing this issue while uploading the SVN revision via code collaborator client.  I will try to reach out to support center; mean while if anyone has an update on this, kindly share.  Thank You!