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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] multiple bugs


we are using the latest 7.x version of the codecollaborator and the eclipse plugin.

Unfortunaly there're some bugs we want to report and aks if there is an solution for the 7.x eclipse plugin.


one user has the problem, after creating a review and changing the view to the cc review editor he set the hook for "remember my decision", but after each new start of eclipse he's asking again. is this an eclipse or cc-bug?


after restarting eclipse the "recent participants" are gone (no one is displayed). if i choose one from the list, the recent participants appears. (view-update-problem?)


i create a new review and (in the review editor) choose a reviewer from the list below, he is gone from the list. ok, but if i delete him from his role als reviewer he is not appearing again in the list below. (list-update-problem?)

thank you for your attention and comments!

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