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10 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Memory issues with Collaborator

Hello all,

We are having issues when using Collaborator v8.3.8301 with Perforce on a project that has very long history of file updates as well as very large number of files.

For example, when submitting a review to a file with no actual changes in it ccollabgui.exe memory usage spiked over 800 MBs and it took 30 seconds to submit the review. What is outstanding about this file that it has hundreds on changes performed on it.

The one of worst cases we had is when ccollabgui.exe spiked to over 4GB of memory and it took several minutes to have the code review entry created.

Please advice what could be done to improve the performance and to reduce the memory usage.

Thank you,

Vlad Judys

Engineering Manager @ Armature Studio

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