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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Download original files in CodeCollaborator

CodeCollaborator gives you two options you can "Download Diff" or "Download Files" what I am trying to do is download both sets of files. The original version and the changes to the code under review. "Download files" only downloads the newest version. Is this possible?

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    I should have named this "Download both sets of files in CodeCollaborator"
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      What version of Collaborator are you using?

      There should be a download icon (folder) next to the [After] and the [Before] combo boxes, and on the reviews I tested it downloads the correct version of the file.

      This goes for binary source files, pdf, xlsx etc as well.


      Running on 9.2.9200

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        There is a before and after download icon when I'm looking at individual files, but I want to be able to download all of before files at once, and all of the after files at once.  Sometimes we have rather large code reviews, and I don't want to have to download each file individually.