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11 years ago

[CodeReviewer] Code Collaborator "Name jdbc is not bound in this Context" error. what is the cause?


all of the sudden when I login to CC i get this error message. can someone help me with might have cause this?

here is part of the error message:

Error: Name jdbc is not bound in this Context

Additional Information:

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name jdbc is not bound in this Context
at org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup(
at org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup(
at com.smartbear.ccollab.CollabReusable.getDatabaseConnection(

your prompt help is highly appreciated.


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  • That error message means Collaborator server cannot communicate with LDAP. Make sure your LDAP server is up and running and you are using the correct LDAP credentials.