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10 years ago

[CodeReviewer] After Code Collab client upgrade to v8.4.8406 clicking on source files just shows Loading...

I upgraded my Code Collab clint to v8.4.8406 from v6.1 today - this is version which our internal Code Collaborator team supports now.  I installed 64 bit on 64 bit Windows 7 OS.

The source control system we use internally is Clearcase.

I can create a review using Add Changes and I see the review main page ok but when I click on an individual source file I just see Loading... displayed in my web browser (using latest version Chrome).  The contents of the file never appears.  Also interesting is that in Files section under Added Lines heading it displays 820 lines which is the number of lines in the file.  Even though I only changed one line.  So it seems to think ALL lines have been changed in file.

In the page where I see Loading... if I click on Extertnal button it displays the diff using Sourcegear Diffmerge without problems.

Can anyone help?
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