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12 years ago

codeCollaborator server svn+ssh connectivity problem

Hi Team,

I have installed codecollaborator server and client on different machines

My Environment Details :


OS: Redhat Linux 5.6

Java: java version "1.6.0_14"

Codecollaborator server:

Codecollaborator client and SVN server :

SCM: subversion

Both server and client installed successfully but when i am trying to configure Subversion repo  through codecollaborator server connection is not establishing

From codecollaborator client i am able to communicate to server using

Test Result:


Codecollabrator client  result:

[root@wcit-testvm-svn svnroot]# ccollab --scm svn info

Connecting to CodeCollaborator Server

Connected as: Administrator (admin)

SCM system is configured to 'svn'

    SCM Type: Subversion.

SCM Username: root

  SCM Config: repo=file:///home/svnroot;username=<default>;use password=no

Please find th attached server logs and clients and svn error log

////Please provide me steps for codecollaborator server connection to svn server  repo



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  • Subhash,

    We responded to your case in the Tech Support queue, but since the question was also asked here, I will post the response here as well.

    It seems from the error message you see that the userid and password you have are failing to authenticate.

    But I don't think svn+ssh:// works with password authentication. You may have to set up public-key authentication, like in this example:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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    Hi Support,


    Thanks for info. I have configured using public authentication
    key on my server.

     My question:

    How do i configure public key or passphrase in
    codeCollaborator server and configured public key passphrase on svn server.

     Please find the attached error in access cco-server to
    cco-client and my public key config command list

     Please provide me steps for adding public key in code
    collaborator server.

  • Here is the reply that was given to the question when also asked in the Tech Support case:

      You have to configure the ssh keys with no passphrase.  We call out to the ssh commandline tools to connect to your svn server, and the terminal input redirection is nontrivial. If you really must have a passphrase, you'll need to use an ssh-agent and then do a manual ssh first so you only have to enter your passphrase the first time and subsequent times will not be prompted for it.