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12 years ago

CodeCollab integration with Subversion Problem

Our team recently migrated the the code base to different subversion server.  Ever since the migration, I cannot use codecollab to create code review.  Here's the error I am getting:

/Applications/ccollab_client/ccollab addchanges new .

Connecting to CodeCollaborator Server

Connected as: dev user (dev)

Creating new review.

New review created: Review #92129: "Untitled Review"

Attaching changelist to review

Checking that you are allowed to upload files to this review.

SCM system is configured to Subversion

Review #92129 deleted.

ERROR: Could not configure SCM system:

Could not create valid Subversion configuration based on current working directory: svn: OPTIONS of '': authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (

Can someone tell me what I can do to recovery from this?  I've used set svn-user, svn-passwd to save username and password into codecollab.  Also when i log in from the browser to using the same credential i supplied to svn-user and svn-passwd, I can log in successful to the server so credential doesn't seem to be a problem.  Any ideas?  Thanks.


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  • Hello, this is Greg from CodeCollaborator Support.

    It would help if we could get a debugging log of this failing. To do this, just put '--debug' after ccollab when running the command.  This will create a log file in the current working directory, please send that file with a reference to this thread to and we will take a look and see what we can find.


    Greg W.