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13 years ago

Code Collaborator v4.0.834 not opening

I cant get Code Collaborator v4.0.834 client to work on my Windows7 Laptop 32-bit. I downloaded the correct version that would work with my sever and installed it, when opening Code Collab on Start Menu nothing happens. I've tried remove and re-install, tried another user account same thing happens.

There is another Windows 7 PC with similar specs, I installed Code Collaborator v4.0.834 on it and worked fine.

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    == NOTE: This issue is now being handled within our support system
  • Any updates on this issue. I'm facing same problem with V4.0.857 on Win 7 machine. The UI doesn't open and i don't get any error message. Also the tray notifier doesn't start. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Jeetesh
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    It seems like the issue was a JAVA issue.JDK 1.7 was messing up code collab !!! I renamed JDK 1.7 and code collaborator now works !

    I’m not sure exactly why though