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4 years ago

Code Collaborator Invalid Port Number

I am using Code collaborator version 8, Ubuntu 20.04, I have open-jdk jre 8 installed.

I am using code collaborator to connect to an svn repository. I am able to connect from my ubuntu machine to the collaborator server in a browser (with the same settings that I am trying in code collaborator), but when using the app. I cannot get past the "Add Files to Review" page, and this error comes up:

Error loging in to Collaborator Server


I/O Error: org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: I/O error while communication with HTTP server: invalid port number.

You may need to go to the Collaborator Preferences to fix this problem.


After this message, I went to the preferences page and double-checked my settings, and they are the same as others in my group using the same server, but this message still shows up.

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    Hi mattwork13579,


    Are you trying to use the Collaborator GUI client? Try to navigate to the Preferences window again and verify that the Collaborator server URL doesn't have the  ".../ui" path at the end of it.



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      OlegB Verified, there is no "../ui" at the end of the Server URL. I have tried several server URLs that my teammates suggested for the server such as "HTTP://abcdef:8080" this also works in the browser of the same Ubuntu machine when the /ui is added. I have also tried the direct IP address of the server in the preferences URL such as "HTTP://" which also works in the browser with the added /ui at the end. But I did double-check this first before posting and it was not the problem.

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        I am trying to use the GUI client, if there is a way to use code collaborator without the gui client (like via cmd line?) for this version I can try that as well, if you have instructions where to find that information.

        Here is my version info: Collaborator 8.0.8003 © 2005-2013 SmartBear Software, Inc.