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10 years ago

code collaborator application 9.1 version with Oracle 12.1G/12.1C database.



We have clarification on oracle 12.1G/12.1C database support with Code Collabrator. Currently, Code collaborator is not compatible with Oracle 12.1 database version.

1. Is there any road map to support in future for code collaborator application 9.1 version with Oracle 12.1 database? .
2. If it is, can you please let me know when this feature will be enable?


Cummins road map is to move out of unsupported technology to current technology. Cummins will be moving to Oracle 12C and we need support from your team for Code Collaborator to work with Oracle 12C. Do you have a road map to support this in your current/future release if not when will it be available.


Request from Cummins is for Code Collaborator to support Oracle 12C in the next release.



Kalai K

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  • Though I hesitate to speculate openly about roadmap concerns, I can say that we plan on validating/supporting Oracle 12 in a future release this year. The difficulty is that we must bridge support for both 12 and older but still recent versions to support existing customers.  It is unlikely that we will patch already released versions to include Oracle 12 support, so upgrades to the version that offers initial support for it will likely be required.  I would encourage you to check the version history section of released versions' manuals as there will be notes about the updated supported window of Oracle versions there when those changes occur.