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12 years ago

ccollab commandline tool doesn't assign subscribed users

We use Code Collab with perforce, and I've done a little scripting to simplify commandline usage.   It works properly, but only the explicitly-added reviewers are added, subscribed users are not.  If the review is edited via the web the subscribed users are added automatically (as they should have been initially).

Collab commands used in the script are:

        ccollab --no-browser addchangelist new $_CL

        ccollab admin review participant assign last $_REVIEWER reviewer   # in a loop

        ccollab admin review finish last

Is there another way to do this that will handle the reviewers properly?

$ ccollab --version

ccollab v6.5.6508

Also, if anyone from SmartBear is monitoring this I have a few nits about commandline exit codes that I'd be happy to share  :)

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  • Hello, this is Greg from CodeCollaborator Support. 

    I am looking into this issue, but as a temporary workaround I would try setting your subscriptions to "mandatory". As for the exit codes, could you please send your feedback/recommendations to


    Greg Wyne

    CodeCollaborator Support
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    How would I make them mandatory?

    I'm just a user, not the admin...

    I should mention that Nancy T from SmartBear support has looked into this and is escalating it to development.  I'm hoping to hear back from her shortly...