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12 years ago

ccollab addchangelist from Synergy task fails


I'm using the tool integrated with Rational Synergy.

I'm not able to add tasks that contains objects representing  removed files.

It reports:

ERROR: executing command 'ccollab addchangelist':

Cannot add changelist "taskid" because it contains no change.

Is there a way to overcome this scenario?

I need one as I automatically generate the review when the task get checked in and in this case the review doesn't rich the "Inspection phase"

Thanks in advance!


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  • Unfortunately, deleted files on Synergy are currently not supported in the Code Collaborator integration.

    you create a review with only deleted files, the review will get
    created, despite the error you are seeing, but the materials list will
    be empty. On the other hand, you can also add other changes besides
    deleted files and the review will get created without issues, however
    the deleted files will not appear on the review.

    Please check if there is a uservoice feature for that at

    If there is not an existing request, please create one for the scenario you need.