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9 years ago

Cannot login to Collaborator server from remote system


I set my,


1. Externel URL:

i cannot login in to this Collaborater server from another system with the user name and password already set in this server by the admin.


2. how to set External URL or can i use



Please reply as soon as possible.





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  • Hi Usha,


    You are apparently using a wrong IP. The issue is that is a so-called loopback address - it's always the address of the local system you are currently on. This is not an external IP. Please ask your IT guys to help you figure out the IP address of your Collab server, and then use the IP they give you. This may be an internal IP address that you can access only inside your LAN, or an external IP address that you can access over the Internet - this depends on your network setup, and our IT guys will help you figure this out.


    I hope this helps!

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    Thank u so much. Now i can login Client using internal IP address of the Server. But now it is saying "This Server has no currently valid license". I am using Code reviewer Free Version. How to get the License key?.





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      When you sign up for CodeReviewer, you get your Collab Server installation. Once you install it, a special web page opens in your web browser where you can initialize the DB. Once you click Initialize DB, you can login to the system with the admin user with empty password (open   http://Server-IP:8080/ in a web browser).


      On the next screen, you will need to select what license you'd like to get - Collaborator Trial or CodeReviewer Free, specify credentials for a couple of user account and click Get License at the bottom. Once you do this, you will get your CodeReviewer license. Give it a try!