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6 years ago

Can Observers Be Made Exempt from Stalled Review Email Notifications?

I have a user that is reporting that he's getting email notifications about stalled reviews (email body mentions that "Review [insert review number here] has defects that need to be fixed by [insert name here] and verified before the review can complete"), even though he is only set as an "Observer" in the reviews. I have a few questions.


1. Is it indeed still the case that "Observers" are supposed to get stalled review email notifications, like the example one that I mentioned?

2. Is there any way to change the Collaborator system configuration (or is there any other workaround) to only send stalled review email notifications to "Authors" and/or "Reviewers"?

3. Are there any existing feature requests for this that I can have my company added to?


*Edited to add...

I was looking through the settings for the "Standard" review template role, and I notice that in the "Can change other users' defects" setting, the Observer currently has "Fix, Edit, and Delete" permissions. I'm checking with the user, to see if we can test changing those permissions to "None" or "Edit".

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