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7 years ago

Can collaborator check for newer files in svn

Is there a way that collaborator can detect / inform the reviewer that the file they are reviewing is out of date?

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    What is the exact definition of "out of date" file in your case?

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      I'm interested in this kind of functionality too, in my case the answer to your question is - any file where the version currently being reviewed is not the version in the tip revision of the git branch, indicating I've checked in a newer version of the file.



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      Any files that are not the latest ones.


      Basically if we start a review, but someone else goes and fixes the file, or makes changes, the what we have in collaborator isn't the latest version.


      IF the file is a versioned file (not a locally changed one within collaborator), so the last latest known revision in collaborator, it could be compared to the head revision in the repo (the gui and the server both have the ability to check the repository already) and "there's a newer version of this file in the repo" reported to the reviewer.

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        We have a work around, in the form of a batch file that interrogates Collaborator, and the SVN repo, and reports the latest version held in the review against the latest version in the repo, but this would be nicer inside Collaborator