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14 years ago

bug with "next difference" after "compare" menu used

We're running Code Collaborator 6.0.6012 with mostly C,C++, and Perl code.

After viewing the changes for a file in the file overview sub-window and then using the compare menu to select any combination of files (including the original and/or only two files shown) the "next difference" and "previous different" buttons (just to the right of the compare menu button in the top taskbar) no longer know where any differences are and always say "you have reached the end of the file, would you like to start from the beginning", even when one can see differences shown on the screen, and even if it just said that the last time you clicking the button.  Clicking the same "next/previous difference" button more than once just keeps saying the same "end of file reached" message.

This bug is repeatable.  Has it been fixed in a later release?

This is a potentially serious bug because some users have reported missing changes because the "next difference" button did not show them anything, approving the changes without realizing they are there.

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    Good news! This bug has been fixed in versions 6.0.6013 and later. Please try upgrading your CodeCollaborator server to fix this issue.