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12 years ago

Attaching SVN changelists from command line

I'm planning to attach SVN revisions with with command line client, but it seems to me that you've have to specifiy the repository/SCM to retrieve the changes lists from?

I see this example in the documentation:

For example, to upload Revisions r5432 and r12654 to review 111:

ccollab addchangelist 111 5432 12654

But I'm confused as to how it would know what SCM to pull from.  In the interface when you attach a change list it presents you with a drop to down to choose from the configured repositories.

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    We do our best to auto-detect the SCM information from the command-line.  In the case of SVN we check if there is an "svn" executable on the PATH and then run "svn info" in the current working directory.  If the current working directory is a Subversion working copy then we can get the info we need from that.

    If auto-detect doesn't work for whatever reason then you can configure us with the information we need using "global options".  Global options can be specified with switches on each command-line invocation or you can save them using the "ccollab set" command.

    See here in our manual for more info: