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8 years ago

As admin, how do I force a review to the completed state in Collaborator?

As an admin, how do I mark a review completed. I have reviews that I need to mark close for users.  Sometimes because the reviewers started, but didn't complete the review. For example when they leave the company. I don't want to lose the fact that they did contribute to the review, so I would prefer not to remove them from the review, but simply mark the review complete. 

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    As far as I know you can't force the review to be closed by breaking the predefined rules (and I think that's a good thing), but as an administrator you have power to change things like review roles to ensure that the closure criteria is met.  In the example you provided, if a critical reviewer left the company, and the review cannot be closed because they are the remaining critical approver you could change their role to an optional reviewer - if that was the last item to satisfy for the review then the review would automatically move to the completed phase.