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8 years ago

Any comment drops "Approved" state of the code review

In Collaborator 10 any comment drops "Approved" state of the code review back into "Active" state. So, if person A reviewed and signed it off, and then person B leaves some comment, state of the person "A" becomes "Active" again.

Is it bug or feature? As for me - it does not make any sense at all. I remember, it did not behave that way in Collaborator 9. Is it possible to make it work the old way? Comments should not trigger state of code review.

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      We are using Code Collaborator 10.0.10000 and this information does not seem to be correct. We have "Required to Read all Comments" set to No for reviewer in our two active role configurations (used by our templates). There is a third role configuration called "Formal Inspection" but our templates do not use it. "Formal Inspection" has the "Required to Read all Comments" set to Yes for reviewer.

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        I experimented on the latest version of Collaborator (10.2.10200), so I recommend that you try using it too.