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6 years ago
New Idea

Move implemented ideas off the "Approved for Discussion"


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    Every so often I check the QAComplete Feature Requests page to see if any of my feature requests, or others I've kudo'd, have been implemented and sadly, none so far.  However I have seen a few in the "Approved for Discussion" catagory that I believe have been acted upon so why not move them off to the Implemented section?  Here's a few in the "Approved for Discussion" section that I think might qualify:

    1. Remove unnessary "Required" field (work phone)
    2. Add Releases tab in the Test Library
    3. Update/Modernize the UI
    4. Reduce the size of the SmartBear banner & Customer company logo box

    Lastly, myself and many others have submitted New Feature Requests from as far back as 2015 - and yet they're still being discussed?  If these requests are  actually being discussed, that's fine lease as is but if not, why not pull them off onto another category (Undecided or Not Considered for Action, etc) and list what's really being discussed/considered?