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8 years ago

Adding change list from a work space not on the local machine

We are in the process of evaluating Collaborate as review tool for our company.


We prefer to keep Perforce, with the code files, within a VM.


I've successfully setup the Client Gui and is able to select the change list number from the work space within the VM.

But when the review request is created, the following error is logged:


!ENTRY com.smartbear.collaborator.ui 4 0 2017-03-09 08:38:15.970
!MESSAGE Could not finish Review Job
com.smartbear.scm.ScmAccessControlException: The pending changelist 657206 can only be accessed from the host configured in the client
at com.smartbear.scm.impl.newp4.P4Changelist.checkAccessPermission(
at com.smartbear.ccollab.client.commands.AbstractAddChangelistCommand.validateChangelistForUpload(
at com.smartbear.ccollab.client.commands.AbstractAddChangelistCommand.doExecute(
at com.smartbear.ccollab.client.commands.AbstractAddChangelistCommand.executeJson(
at com.smartbear.ccollab.client.commands.Command.validateAndExecute(
at com.smartbear.collaborator.Collaborator.executeJson(


The question is: Is there a known work around or solution to this problem.

This is a 'make or break' issue for our company.


Thanks for the help and support.


Kind regards

Carolina Welgemoed

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    Hello welgmoedc,


    Try to edit the Perforce client configuration and clear the “Host” value for it. You can do it throw the p4 command-line client.