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4 years ago

Chrome 85 and Version Switching


We're happy to announce that we've begun rolling out Chrome 85 to the public monitoring network. By the end of the year, the rollout will be complete and Chrome 85 will be the default browser for DejaClick monitors. The very small number of monitors that have issues playing back on 85 will be set to version 74 when the default switches to 85.

We've also added the ability to select browser versions, you can do this on the Advanced tab in monitor configuration. You'll have a choice of Default, Chrome 85, and Chrome 74.

For nearly all monitors, we recommend staying with the default and moving to 85 with the platform. If your monitors are having significant issues with 85, we'll be reaching out to you in early 2021.


Chrome 85 and Version Switching will be coming to Private Nodes in version 3.3, which will begin rollout in the 2nd half of January.

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