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14 years ago

IO redirection in target application


I need to perform coverage testing of a target application for different
test cases. There are a large number of tests, so I hope to automate it using a testing framework. Outlined below are the steps I hope to take:

  1. Invoke AQTime from within a testing framework (by using CreateProcess)

  2. Test cases involve simulating keystrokes. I.e. the STDIN of target application need to be redirected to a pipe that the test framework creates.

Is this (step 2) possible? If so how can it be done? I'm using AQTime 5.45.487.86

Thank you


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  • Hi Dushara,

    As far as I understand, the main question is how to redirect the standard output stream of a process if the process is launched by AQtime. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I can suggest that you run the application in the way you want and then attach to it with AQtime. You can control AQtime via COM. Please see the Working With AQtime via COM - Overview help topic. To attach to a process, use the 'Attach' method of the 'IntegrationManager' object. You can find more information in the Methods and Properties of the IntegrationManager Object help topic.
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes you are correct. Instead of using COM, I decided to launch AQTime from the Test framework with the /a:PID /e /SilentMode options. This works well for me.