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15 years ago

Can't find debug information for static libs


We're evaluating AQtime and can't seem to get it to recognize our static libraries. When a lib is added as a module it very quickly is labeled as ( no debug info ), this even though the search path for all pdbs is added in AQtime -> Services -> Symbols. The libraries have generate program database turned on, as do the main executable.

We're using VS 2008 and everything is C++.

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  • Hello Sebastian,

    LIB modules are built into the executable file or dynamic libraries (DLL) and you do not need to add them to your AQtime project. You need to add the corresponding executable modules instead.
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      So why AQTime automaticaly "add" static libs from a Visual Studio solution if it do not need such libs ??

      I completely understand why it do not need static libs since the libs code stands in PE modules.