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Turn off wiki markup formatting in Test Details

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Turn off wiki markup formatting in Test Details

Hi, I have a slight problem with the Test Step / Data / Result fields that have the wiki markup formatting automatically applied to them.


I use a lot of GUIDs in these fields, and I'd like to know if it is possible to turn off the automatic formatting as this causes that every number which is between two hyphen symbols get the strikethrough format applied; plus they also lose the hyphens before and after them.


For example:

4e427949-455f-4ded-af10-f8201d07ac26 turns into: 4e427949455f4dedaf10f8201d07ac26 (+strikethrough but that's invalid in this field :)) which makes it impossible to copy and paste it correctly, even worse if it is part of a URL.

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I have the exact same issue with URLs that contain guids.

Seems like this could be turned off if I knew what text field configuration it was using, all the other JIRA text fields allow you to apply a text renderer instead.  

Maybe you found a workaround?

Unfortunately nothing 😞 I asked around our Jira admins to have a look around what could be done, but they told me that they found no option to have it turned off on these fields no matter where they looked. So by now I am really good at placing \ before every -, but it is really tedious...

I submitted an enhancement request for this


I figure we can't be the only two customers that have a hyphen in their test steps.

I've seen another variation on this where inventory ID values (e.g. 1234:P) was being displayed using emojis.

Hopefully this gets some traction

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