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Try to authentificate with JWT

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Try to authentificate with JWT


I am trying authentificate to Zephyr by JWT token.

Request url:





Authorization: JWT <JWT_TOKEN>

zapiAccessKey: <ACCESS_KEY>

Content-type: application/json


I have performed all the steps that are discussed in this post to generate the JWT Token:

Also in this one too:


I am able to generate the token in both ways, via postman or with the zapi-cloud.git. But when I do a request with postman I always get a 401 error and this message:







Expecting claim 'qsh' to have value '7f0d00c2c7*****************42d4b84374' but instead it has the value '9a826e393c52fc74522e694b**************de592e'








Every time I try to launch the request again I generate a new JWT, But same result.

What do I need to be able to connect correctly with Zephyr?

I need to connect with Zephyr to be able to change the states of the tests that I have created in Zpehyr



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Hi, this community is dead, zero support by the smartbear team, but, may be this can help you:


the Automation API and REST API authenticate differently,


for Automation API as simple as:

Generate JWT Token


but for REST API you need to generate the qsh, etc, take a look:


if your using nodeJS here is an example:



const method = 'GET';
const url =

generateJWT: async function(method, url) {

const now = moment().utc();

const req = jwt.fromMethodAndUrl(method, url);

const tokenData = {
"iss": zephyr.credentials.accessKey,
"iat": now.unix(), // The time the token is generated
"exp": now.add(3, 'minutes').unix(), // Token expiry time (recommend 3 minutes after issuing)
"qsh": jwt.createQueryStringHash(req, false, ''), // [Query String Hash](
"sub": '' // Your people ID https://********

const secret = zephyr.credentials.secretKey;

const token = jwt.encodeSymmetric(tokenData, secret);

return `JWT ${token}`;





thank yo so much for your help!!.

I will take a look to REST API  to generate the qsh:

Only one doubt, if this ommunity is dead, zero support by the smartbear team,

Do you know what the channel is for support questions about this framework?


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Did you ever get an answer about where to go for support nowadays?

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