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Tests Cases and related Zephyr Actions Missing

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Tests Cases and related Zephyr Actions Missing

Tests Cases and Related Zephyr Actions Missing


We are also impacted by this and have hundreds of test cases to resolve.


Thank you to those who posted what has happened to them as well. 


There was an automatic update on 10/10/2021 followed by an install of Zephyr.  


This update has stopped work for our QA staff and there has been absolutely no resolution presented and no sense of urgency?


We are creating workarounds and requesting updates from Smartbear to no avail?






We had the same thing happen to us as well. Let's hope the issue gets resolved soon.

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I am not seeing the issue type "Tact" to select. 

Also, for Re-indexing, unable to figure out option to select from "Project Metadata" or " "Executions".


Note: I do not want to loose any test cases, test execution details, test cycles and other other data related to any project.


Please assist ASAP as we are in the middle of UAT testing and this is a blocker for my team to proceed further.




Hi All,

There was a new version of Zephyr that was released (8.0.1) over the weekend (10/9-10/10) which is what has caused this issue. We have already identified a root cause and will be deploying a fix so that it does not impact any more customers.
Root Cause
We had earlier (couple of weeks back) fixed an issue with some language settings that would check and automatically create TEST issue type for different languages. During 8.0.1 release since there were Atlassian descriptor changes this effectively re-installed the application which triggered the language change to kick in and it has incorrectly modified the registered TEST issue type. This has not resulted in any data loss and all the data is still available.
Next Steps
If you/your instance has been impacted, please reach out to our support so that we can manually reset your TEST ID which should bring your tests back and should restore full functionality.

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