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Can we please talk about Zephyr execution latency?


Can we please talk about Zephyr execution latency?

I feel like this gets talked about every so often but nothing ever changes - there are posts from users going back literal years about this issue and it is by far the biggest, if not the primary, thing that drives me crazy about Zephyr (Squad, these days) and also the main reason I daydream about switching TMPs on a very regular basis.

When manually executing test cases, the fact that every single interaction prompts a DB update is maddening.  Change the value of a Status drop-down?  Reload the page.  Add a comment (or part of a comment but leave focus)?  Reload the page.  Click the wrong thing?  Ha ha, sucker, reload the page.  Each of these reloads (at least for our cloud version) take anywhere from 3 to a whopping 25 [EDITED: in taking a video to show my manager it actually took over 45 seconds for each action] seconds (and sometimes more, on a particularly bad day), so if I'm working on a test case with, say, twenty steps in it and adding notes as I go, that's minutes of wasted time sitting here waiting for the dang page to update.  Multiply that by X number of test cases in a cycle and I swear to Pete, I want to throttle someone.  You can't even mitigate some of that torture by marking all test steps as PASS as there's no functionality to do that, at least in the cloud version.


It's ridiculous.  It's unacceptable.  If you could give me one thing for Xmas, Smartbear, it would be to actually acknowledge this humongous issue and maybe, just maybe, put it in your roadmap to address in the next, I dunno, decade?  If it wasn't clear I can't stand it any more.




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We recently migrated to cloud and I also noticed this issue... It's quite horrible that you've not even had a response from anyone at Zephyr. 


Unless you found a solution to this yourself? If so, could you share your sage wisdom?

Sadly, no.  My solution at this time is to not mark the steps at all and just use the execution status drop-down which grinds my gears but what else am I gonna do?  The work has to get done.


And yes I agree it would be very nice *hint, nudge* to hear from Smartbear about this issue but I get the feeling they don't know what to do about it either.


*sad trombone noises*

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