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Update Test Executions

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Update Test Executions

Zephyr Scale API for JIRA - Test Executions. There is no method to update test executions within Jira API. It only allows to create test executions. We have automated tests and we need to update the executions via the API.


I found the apiary docs, which is quite different and has sensible methods there.


So is the Jira API doc up-to-date? or is it by design that the API method is not available for Jira users?

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I'm not sure I understand the issue, and I'm currently not a user of the API functions but I will try to help.


There are two sets of Zephyr APIs, one for the Server install version, and one for Cloud version.  You're using the documentation for the Cloud version.  I've added a link to the Server version in case you need that instead: Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) (


Looking at the Cloud API methods you mentioned, I know it says "Create test execution" but the POST method seems to have the data needed to update an existing execution.  But I'm guessing you tried that already, by trying to update with an existing testCaseKey, and it didn't work?


Hope that's of some use but I'm guessing not, and linking in @josh42 - he might be able to help.


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Hi guys,


that is actually on thing that I noticed when I was looking into the Cloud version of ZS. We also have automated tests and right now we're using the server API to update test executions. In Cloud, i don't think, this is even possible, which for us is a show stopper.

In webinars, SmartBear always talks about synchronising Cloud and Server features and I think, they once mentioned the API, but right now, it's not in there.


It might be possible as Andy said, that you can use the POST, to update an existing execution but I doubt it. Maybe you can let us know, if you've tried (and failed?).




Thanks Josh.  And interesting to know about this potentially loss of feature.

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Thanks for the answers. POST /testexecutions endpoint doesn't update but creates a new execution. The cloud API is extremely limited. Simple things are not possible to do in cloud api, like you can't get a list of tests cases under a test cycle, or you can't update an execution or you can't get test cycles under a plan... 

I don't see any specific reason why some of the existing API methods are not made available for Cloud API. I didn't look at the differences between Server and Cloud API but there's a significant price difference for the same amount of users. May be this is a factor for not having the methods available for Cloud API?

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