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Testcase from epic/story

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Testcase from epic/story


We have quite recently bought zephyr scale and few of the teams hav started using it. Today i got a queestion from the team which i cannot repsond to since I'm not a regualr user of it yet my self.


The team have worked on a lot of epics with underlying stories/task and they would like to "just hit a button" to create a testcase for every epic with underlying issues ( using same name etc. What would be the best way to go about for them?Is there a function or export /import with excel in bulk or something else? 






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Hi Sara


There is a bulk import function in Zephyr Scale, and you can of course export from Jira, so it should be possible, but there might be some effort on someone's part to re-format the data into what Zephyr Scale is expecting.  The import format is described in this help file: Import Test Cases From CSV | Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center Documentation (


Regards, Andy


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