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Test execution record out of sync

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Test execution record out of sync

I'm using Jira with Zephyr Scale. There are two places to execute test cases: 1. from Jira story 2. from Zephyr Scale Test Cycle drilled down to the test case level.
These two areas don't seem to be synching. When I execute the test from Jira story, test result/progress does not carry over to the Test Cycle under Zephyr Scale. When I execute the test from Test Cycle side, then the test cases in Jira story shows it's not yet executed. Refreshing the screen didn't do anything. 
I'm wondering if this is a bug or if I have something configured incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated!

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The only thing I can think of is that you've created a single test case in a Jira Issue that is not linked to a test cycle, hence the non-sync between issue (Story) and test case (Zephyr).  If I'm right, hopefully this help article will explain: Run a Single Test | Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center Documentation (

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Thank you MisterB! That is exactly what was happening.  

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