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Owner field in test case import from CSV will not resolve

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Owner field in test case import from CSV will not resolve

When I import test cases from CSV into Zephyr it will not resolve the owner field even though I know the ID is one of a valid JIRA user.  Is there something I am doing wrong?

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Hi @eph1066 ,


the import is case sensitive, when it comes to user keys. Maybe that's the problem here?




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Thank you for the suggestions Josh!


Hi @eph1066! Does this help to solve the issue? 

Sonya Mihaljova
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@sonya_m , @josh42 

Actually, case sensitivity was not the problem.  As t turns out, JIRA creates internal keys for some of the users that the only way I found out about was to run a report.  I was avle to get a dump from our JIRA admin that gives a Xref beween the expected JIRA ID and the internal ID that JIRA uses.  That is what solved my problem.

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@eph1066 I see! Thank you for sharing.

Sonya Mihaljova
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Thanks guys this was very useful 

I got the Jira internal key by filtering the issues to myself ( not as current user ) but to my Name -   then going to Board settings 

under Filter query the name is converted to an internal Jira id which when placed in the CSV column Owner will load the test case and assign it .


It was easier than having to explain to Jira Admin that can  they run a report off for us.


example below 

project = ABCDE AND  assignee in (60###################) ORDER BY Rank ASC

#  to hide my details 

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