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Migration from Zypher squad (on prem) to Zypher scale cloud

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Migration from Zypher squad (on prem) to Zypher scale cloud


Currently we are using Zypher on Jira which is on prem and looking forward to migrating to cloud

Is there a way to migrate from Zypher squad to Zypher scale on cloud?


Thanks in advance



Hi Lal,


The current option to migrate Squad to Scale is to work with the CSV/Excel export>import features + API. 

We are working on a tool that should be released this year to accomplish Squad Cloud > Scale Cloud migrations. 

We will not provide a path to jump directly from Squad Server to Scale Cloud. 


Best regards,

Luzia Mendes
Zephyr Cloud Migration Manager

Thanks Luzia for the reply
Can you elaborate on the option a little more - Are you suggesting I can
export test cycles and other data from squad ( in bulk) and import to
scale? or have to try with apis.
Is it possible for you to guide me a little more with this option?


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