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5 years ago

How can we pass zypher parameter in script unit

Hi Team,


I am able to access zypher JIRA from testcomplete. we have passed the parameters in TestItems tab, its working fine. In our project we are using single testitem for multiple testcases, so we want to update each test cases status to JIRA from testcomplete script unit.


Is it possible to add run time parameters for  "link to external testcases" in script.


Please find the attached screen shot. TanyaYatskovska can you please help with this.









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      Hi Tanya,


      We have reviewed that document, as mentioned in earlier message, we are able to access JIRA via zephyr using testcomplete.


      As per Testcomplete functionality, each testitems (i.e., testcases) should be mapped with each JIRA id. Then it is working perfectly fine :smileyhappy: .


      In our requirements, single testitems contains group of testcases (i.e., we added multiple testcases into single testitems). so we want to update "link to testcase" field in runtime via testscript.


      Please let us know if there is any other way to update "link to testcase" field.


      Thnaks in advance,