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Unable to upload Junit report from Jenkins


Unable to upload Junit report from Jenkins



I am using automation testing with UFT and axe which configure in Jenkins. There is Junit report will be produce once the testing complete. I tried to add the Junit xml file in the A.T.O.M to update the test in Jira. Can you verify if this is the correct way?


Below are the content of the Junit report:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="czchowstc000898" name="Functional_Test_Suite - SanityTest_4_General_API - run_2021-09-27_06-56-28" tests="9">


<property name="Build Config" value="UFT"/>

<property name="Start" value="9/27/2021 6:56:39 AM"/>

<property name="End" value="9/27/2021 7:30:10 AM"/>


<testcase classname="tc_API_001" name="tc_API_001 - getAuthorizationStatus 1st Batch" time="145.7012076"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_002" name="tc_API_002 - getAuthorizationStatu 2nd Batch" time="140.3277823"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_003" name="tc_API_003 - getUserMenu" time="29.8437108"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_004" name="tc_API_004 - getUserStatus" time="24.1587323"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_005" name="tc_API_005 - getCustomerUserIsAuthorizedOrUnmanaged_v2" time="510.2331618"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_006" name="tc_API_006 - getCustomerUserAuthorizationApproveOrRevoke" time="5.0902929"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_007" name="tc_API_007 - getCustomerUserPropose_v2" time="521.5804594"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_008" name="tc_API_008 - getCustomerUserStatusGet_v2" time="169.1367005"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_009" name="tc_API_009 - getCustomerFinancialAccountAuthorizationRequirement" time="29.9393889"/>



Thank you

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