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Pricing of zephyr scale

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Pricing of zephyr scale

Hi There, 


I have a pricing issue for zephyr scale, as far as i know the pricing is free if the member of zephyr scale less than 10 members,

In my current office we used jira conventional with 22 members and I tried integrating that jira with zephyr scale with permission to access only 1 member to zephyr scale, however due to we used convectional jira with 22 member after 3 months there's billing invoice from  zephyr scale. my questions : 


1. for this case, are we not eligible to get free access zephyr scale ?

2. if eligible , could help me to guide how to config it ? 


Thanks  in advance 


Hi @irfankhairulazh 


Scale pricing (as with most Jira plugins purchased through Atlassian marketplace) is based on your Jira tier. 


Zephyr Enterprise a standalone test management solution which has a bi directional sync into Jira can be purchased based on number of testers as QA have of full cost of ownership. 


For more information check out


If you have more questions for Scale, post them here asits a place dedicated to Scale users ( this community is Zephyr Enterprise hence why there was no response)





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