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xPath only using the first selector


xPath only using the first selector


I am trying to use one mapped object with several selectors, but TestComplete only uses the first selector.

2021-09-24 12_32_59-BSIAPPMAN01 - Remote Desktop Connection.png




As you can see I want to select a navigation arrow with a special ID. The first selector doesn't seem to work for some navigation arrows, so I was planning on adding the not working arrows manually with their IDs. (If someone knows a better alternative, please let me know!)


When I deselect the first selector TestComplete is able to find the specific navigation arrow, but when I select both of them at the same time he cannot find the specific navigation arrow even when it says OR.


Does anyone know why this is?


Kind regards,



Hi Luuk, 


I'm not sure why that is happening specifically...though at first glance I would assume that ID is dynamic, so that could add some complexity to this.
However, if you are trying to use the 3rd selector, why not just change the order of the selectors?


TestComplete allows for that along with adding or editing the selectors. 

Please check out this link about it, and let us know how it goes 


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